Who Am I


Motivational Speaker, Disability Rights Activist, and Model, Virali Modi was born in Mumbai, India in 1991. Due to an unknown illness, Virali was declared dead three times. After surviving three near death experiences, she was left paralyzed and started using a wheelchair at the age of 15.

Throughout the years, Virali dealt with the struggles of a normal teenager with the added challenges of becoming newly disabled and trying to figure out life. She was subjected to bullying, mental and emotional turmoil, which eventually led to depression. She always questioned herself, “Why me, what did I do to deserve this?”

Her message of hope and the zest for life led her to model with Salman Khan for his clothing line called Being Human. She was also the showstopper for FBB, Bombay Times Fashion Week, and Jewels Of India. Virali’s mission is…

…to impact people through her story, her struggle, and how she paved the road to success in an unconventional way.

efore Virali’s disability, she was pursuing modeling at the young age of 14. As the years passed by, her interest towards modeling continued to spark. Her parents encouraged her to pursue modeling as a profession and she participated in the Miss Wheelchair India pageant in 2014 where she won second place. Virali took that as a sign and decided to go for auditions but was constantly let down due to her inability to walk. She decided to put her career as a model on the back burner and started sharing her story and her views about living with a disability online.



irali started a campaign for accessible Indian railways called #MyTrainToo after she experienced manhandling at the railway stations in Mumbai. With the help of a railway official, Virali made 8 stations across India wheelchair accessible without renovations.

Her efforts towards inclusive travel landed her in the BBC 100 Women list of 2017.
She was recognized and awarded by the Delhi Commission for Women, WeAreTheCity London, and Bharat Prerna amongst many others.


irali started motivational speaking in order to share her story, bring awareness about disabilities, signify the importance of perseverance, share the importance of women empowerment,  to spread hope, and encourage others to make positive changes in their life. She is a 3 time TEDx speaker, the only Indian delegate to speak at BRAC in Bangladesh, Youth Ki Awaaz Summit, and spoken at various colleges and schools across India.